Sunday, July 24, 2011

Calculus of Hate

Friends, countrymen, Norwegians lend me your ears. I come here not to praise Anders but to dissect his evil.

-- I am writing this as details keep emerging or even change. Perchance the manifesto is fiction, but right now it is held as sacred writ for Anders' evil.

First we must shake loose our own conceptions of right and wrong. Anders operates under a different set of right and wrong in which only he knows the ultimate truth. When Anders talks of Cultural Communism, Cultural Marxism, and how fragmented leftism is; even though the words are cribbed from the Unabomber, Anders writes as if he knows such a higher truth and must convey it to others. This belief also drives why Anders surrendered himself and did not take his own life or allow himself to be killed by the police, he is the messenger of this truth and through his court appearance he thinks he will spread this message so that others can learn this truth.

What is this truth of Anders? That I am still grappling over since all we really have is some suspicious Facebook pages, the above mentioned manifesto, and a video of unknown provenance. Because of the doubts on the first and last pieces of evidence, perforce I must base my reasoning on the manifesto. It seems Anders was a very ordinary little Norwegian boy living in a safe bubble until a Muslim friend cheered at the news of missile strikes against American forces during Desert Storm, that was when his world view seemed to change he writes in the manifesto. It also seems he saw the Labor Party, a center-right political party that his parents supported, had been infiltrated by Marxists. If the manifesto is true then perhaps there lays the seeds of his mission.

I say mission because that is what Anders wants to believe he has embarked upon I think. All the talk of Templars, Marxists, and retaking Europe from unappreciative immigrants plays to Anders' desire to matter. An unspectacular though privileged childhood, father being a diplomat, only marred by a divorce he does not remember. And a seemingly uneventful adulthood in safe Norway also awaited him. So perhaps he latches on the few troubles or hangups he had in childhood and reinvents himself as a crusader to right wrongs he perceives in the system. Initially it seems he does try to work within the existing political system when he was part of the Progress Party. When that failed it seems a new crusade was truly born. The Labor Party was not ever going to acknowledge any sort of problem with immigrants even as the Muslims looted and raped while he might have felt abandoned by the Progress Party.

This is possibly Anders' motivation, but how best to strike a blow that supports this motivation. And to get the message out since he has so far found no one to believe him. Again lets look at the manifesto. It seems since he left the Progress Party so quietly they did not even notice he left. To further his now self-appointed mission he set up various schemes to acquire what he thinks is the last recourse against tyranny - the tools of violence. That is how he legally acquires the firearms and chemicals used in the bomb that blew up in Oslo.

The last step is perhaps the hardest to stomach. The government buildings in Oslo, for any terrorist from the right to the left end of the political spectrum, would be legitimate targets. So why the Labor party youth camp on Utoya then? Anders sees himself as saving Norway from the pollution of immigration, the Labor Party of his parents supports this immigration, and this camp is for the teenagers of people belonging to the Labor Party. So in that sort of calculus, attacking a camp full of future Labor members who will continue the policies Anders abhors makes perfect sense.

So Anders has attacked at what he thinks of as his enemies' soft spot. He wants the attention from such infamy. Hence he allowed himself to be taken alive. So he can continue to expose the Labor party, its enabling of multiculturalism, and its ideological blindness to the menace of unassimilated Muslims as the tool of Norway's destruction.

Now does it make sense, when viewed from Anders' very much off kilter point of view. He is not insane, he just has a mission and those poor teens at Utoya were pawns in his game to save Norway.

And now I am going to go and try to scrub that twisted thinking out of my skull. Rum&coke sounds good.


Six said...

Nice breakdown Anna. It seems the Norwegians are going to muzzle him. That's probably the correct response but it depends on what other steps they take. Personally, I'd like to see them re-institute the death penalty.

You might want to make that Rum & Coke a double.

Anna said...

Anders hopes to make a big splash in court. To reach an audience denied him. I am more libertarian and want him to babble on live TV. he might get a few followers but I think most people will realise he is evil and a loner. To stupidly muzzle him might attract more followers to his cause. Conspiracy theory thinking. Its all about how the public should be innoculated against his ideas.

As for the Rum & Coke, maybe I should have. Woke up with a headache that I think I can blame on Anders since normally one R&C does not mess me up. I know my limits.

Rose said...

Excellent summary - he is neither religious nor partisan - it isn't so much Christianity, as the media is trying hard to make it, as it is anti-semitism that created this - he revolts against the anti-semitism - at least that is what I conclude, looking at the pics of the 'youth camp; with them carrying banners "Boicott Israel" - and read their accounts telling why they did not react to the gunman at first - they thought he was 'part of the training.'

In what kind of camp is this 'part of the drill'?

wv: nations (very apropos)

Anna said...

Rose, I am not going to speculate on that angle. I get the feeling Anders merely latched onto something that would get him branded a rebel. Maybe Anders was hoping to score some ladies without having to pay for them. To get his fifteen minutes of fame, to borrow that horrible cliche there is no such thing as bad PR.