Friday, June 24, 2011

Borders? What Borders

I am sorry I am not buying the official Mexican explanation to this story. That three trucks loaded with armed soldiers of the Mexican Army rolled across Bridge Two in Laredo because they got lost. Lets ignore such things as the bi-lingual signs saying you are entering the United States. Or all the cars and trucks queued up at the toll-booths for entry.

If the Mexican soldiers can not read signs in Spanish, they why are they allowed to drive vehicles. Please no jokes on Mexican drivers, we are talking military drivers.

As for the Customs and Border Patrol folk, glad no one was hurt. But it does raises questions on security. This is one of the official entry points into both countries, why isn't there an armed rapid response team standing by? 1916 was not 100 years ago to use Ezra Klein's yardstick. The grim truth is, the border between a blood-drenched and violence racked Mexico and the United States is wide open.


AndyJ said...

Oh, come on now Anna, they were on their way to the nearest gun show to resupply with full auto weapons and 40mm grenades, just like we all can buy. What's the matter, don't you read the news???

Anna said...

Holder, the DoJ, BATFE, and others are guilty of some very serious lapses. To allow weapomns to slip south of the border and not tell Mexico what was going on... no matter what Obama does with his Executive ORder DREAM Act ... this deliberating interfering with another country - esp Mexico- will resonate as 'those dam Yanquis like Obama are f*cking Mexico over again.'