Monday, June 13, 2011

Battlestar Galactica

Rose last night decided to post the opening to the original Battlestar Galactica with Lorne Greene. So it got me thinking on the two series and something I have been meaning to talk about. To start it off, here is the full opening score.

One of the biggest issues I have with the new version is one that gets scant attention. Not sure if it slips beneath the radar or perhaps if looked at it makes people nervous. I am talking about the Cylons and their origin.

In the original series the Cylons were lizards in shiny chrome armour. Imperious Leader looked like some Rastafarian with a really bad hair-do while dressed in a shimmering robe only the hyper-tacky would wear. They were literally aliens. And those Colonial humans were messing up their perfect Cylon universe so the humans had to go. So war erupted as the Cylons sought a final solution. And when force of arms failed to achieve their aims, they tried treachery and almost succeeded.

The new version, Cylons are merely imperfect creations of humans. So imperfect are they that after fighting a war to be free of humans; they turn themselves into human copies and seek to merge with their masters to make a more perfect race. In fact throughout the new Galactica universe, there is nary an alien species to be found.

It is as if the writers do not believe that aliens could be out there. That there is but one intelligent species throughout all of the multi-galaxy universe. How boring a universe that is when you think on it. One species and it has to create and then abuse another intelligent species so as not to be alone in that vast emptiness. Does not say much about humanity does it or perhaps it shines an accidental spotlight on the mindset of those who birthed the new series.

Does it offer a glimpse into the lurking ID of the creators and writers, that perhaps they are humanists? That they do not see in the Heavens above, like Horatio, more than what is offered the senses? Man is the apex of random senseless creation and is thus doomed to senseless existence unless the Intellect directs Humanity towards a progressively and scientifically managed future.

I just hope the lack of alien species is due to soemthing far more simple - either a childish unthinking desire to be different from the original series or it never occurred to them what an excellent mirror for humanity a truly alien species can be. And not because their hidden ID is chanting something like 'Humanity Uber Alles.' A few somethings to ponder.


Villanyszereles said...

Thanks for the video!! :)

Anna said...

You welcome!

Legion said...

Took a long time to get used to Starbuck being a woman in the second version. Then I liked how much of a slut trollop she was. Kept my attention from noticing that there were no other alien creatures in the universe. Perhaps because they were so busy running and hiding?

Anna said...

Except new Starbuck is no 7 of 9.

Frankly the new series was feldergarp.

Wade Moline said...

Starbuck no 7 of 9! Like that. I'm sure Jeri Ryan would appreciate that too.

Never could finish watching the new BG, too dark and gloomy and too much, "all of humanity's misery is caused by humanity itself."

Misery is caused by humans within humanity, not humanity itself. They sort of implied the message of progressives, wipe out most of the population, start over, and all will be fine.

Kinda like the only way to save mother earth (gag) is reduce the population.