Saturday, May 28, 2011

News For Saturday

The Christian Science Monitor breaks a Commandment by bearing false witness - they think Obama is a real leader. So in their first paragraph they invoke Goebbels.

Charles Krauthammer weighs in on President Obama's speech about Israel and its borders. Obama's rhetoric has put Israel into a worse corner while doing nothing to make any Arab power want to negotiate.

India and the People's Republic of China are showing gender biogtry of an extreme sort. They are killing in the womb or just after birth girl babies. Resulting in some profound imbalances between the sexes.

A high school in California has barred five students from attending their prom for being 'white supremecists.' One of the barred students is of Japanese descent. No word if the principle applied the same principals to other racist gangs.

And TV executives continue to show how they are the stupid sods. They axed from Simon Cowell's new show 27-year old Cheryl Cole on the pretext us Yanks would not understand her 'Geordie' accent. Crikies what a bunch of sodding wankers those execs are.

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