Thursday, May 05, 2011

Gaga Fail

For those who want to see how Lady Gaga treats Christianity, there is her new video Judas. This will definitely add the appellation of Whore of Babylon to her titles. I counted nine costume changes, some of them I would expect on Catherina Sforza from Trinity Blood. Christ and the Apostles are a biker gang. They get in bar fights. Sports-bra top Gaga in a large tub with the ersatz Christ and Judas, eehhhh. By this time it should be obvious Gaga is an analog of Mary Magdalene who seems to have a thing for both guys. I really prefer the Jesus Christ Superstar version of her.

The music is nothing new for Gaga, yet more recycled beats. Lyrics are not much better. Nor are the dance moves, some look a little dorky. The gold anodized Desert Eagle lipstick dispenser, I won't even comment on what it might mean. Then there are the quiet times in the five minute plus video, I guess Gaga and her production crew are trying to show how artsy they are. The thirty seconds of quiet at the opening as set-up shot we can ignore. The pause two-thirds of the way in causes the whole video to stutter to a stop and never quite recovers.

This whole video and the album its on has had a PR hype drumbeat to rival Obama and his Styrofoam Greek colonnades. And what has been delivered by Gaga is about the same. This song will soon be forgotten while Andrew Lloyd Webber will live on.


Rose said...

At first it's just awful - then it's pretty sick.

But in a dead flat sort of way - she is oddly sexless, gaudy but in a decaying sort of way, if that makes sense - there's just nothing THERE.

Anna said...

I know. Unlike Poker Face, the beat and lyrics are just uugghh. Not sure if sexless applies, but she so grinds her feminity the effect/allure is destroyed.

If we are lucky this will sink Gaga's career. But some people love buying junk.

Legion said...

It is said she no longer has sex with anyone- so she is sexless. She is turning into Randolph Hearst- Orson Welles said it best- Rosebud.