Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Further Adventures of Captain Underpants

Ace over on Ace of Spades has been slogging and blogging on this story the whole long Memorial Day Weekend. Bascially Rep. Weiner has downgraded this malfunction of an eruption from being a hack to a prank, in fact he now wants all the media attention to go away. But it does not look like it will, when the LA Times produces an editorial stating Weiner's story smells fishy Weiner has trouble with a capital T and its not Twitter's fault.

A scandal has hit the mainstream with a few things occur. You get CNN interviewing you about it. O'Reilly says the FBI needs to investigate. And the likes of Amanda Marcotte try to make the innocent woman in Bellingham, WA the predator. And Weiner's wienertweet has gottan all three. To cap this major feat, someone subtitles the bunker scene from a Hitler movie about the scandal. And Weiner has arrived on this front also, behold the result -


Legion said...

Nice- pretty funny. Even Hillary gets more women than me. About time the press has picked this up- I thought he successfully buried it. Finally a breakthrough.

Anna said...

LOL Huma was Hillary's assistant after all. Yeah Weiner has stepped on his not claimed crank with this.