Friday, April 01, 2011

Wisconsin Terror Update

Back on March 10th I wrote about threatening emails sent to Wisconsin senators. Emails that promised death to them and their families. Well a suspect is supposed to be arrested today in connection with those emails - Katherine R. Windels of Cross Plains.

The charges in their entirety can be found here. Police traced the originating IP address of the threatening emails to the street address of Karen and William Windels of 1906 Pats Place, Cross Plains, Dane County, WI. Police conducted interviews and discovered that 26year old Katherine was the sender of the emails. Ms. Windels is a teacher and recent graduate of the Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison.

Two of the charges against Ms. Windels are Class B and punishable with a $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail. The other two charges are Class A and punishable with a $10,000 fine or 3 years 6 months in jail if convicted.

There might be another charge that could be brought against Ms. Windels, that of identity theft. It seems the email account used by Ms. Windels to threaten those elected officials was registered in someone else's name - Lisa K. Patterson. Last year Madison police were called in when Ms. Windels started to harass Lisa Patterson. And to speculate a bit, Ms. Windels does not like Ms Patterson since the email address used to send the threatening emails was lessylisa @ gmail dot com. It seems lessy can mean lesbian. My what a tolerant and understanding ne rational person Ms. Windels is. NOT.

And now I am reminded of my post on two other hateful women that I called Daughters of Lillith. Why is that? Perhaps because all three were college educated? Or is it because Ms. Ainsworth worked with children just like Ms. Windels? While Ms. Tamini was only the driver for a suicide bomber that killed children. What really links Tamini, Ainsworth, and Windels is hatred it seems.


Legion said...

Punish her to the max. No mercy. Send a message to the demonrats!

Anna said...

Be nice if she was sentenced to the full extent of the law - 7 years 6 months if convicted for each existing charge and to serve consecutively. The message that needs to be sent is, this behavior will not be tolerated from anyone.

The way Judge Sumi is acting trying to prevent even the publication of the law that strips most unions of their collective bargaining powers, I have no real faith in the judicial system of Dane county. The local DA had to be prodded by the state DoJ just to charge this woman. Just looked and no news if Ms. Windels turned herself in.