Saturday, April 23, 2011

Symbolic Saturday

Christ in the tomb, descending into the Underworld to defeat Death, and the ultimate triumph will be on the 'morrow when He does rise.

And what do I find in the library this morning? Slithering out and down from the Venetian blinds over a closed window.

The same snake I evicted back on Tuesday. Laying atop a bookcase, tongue flicking out, and looking at me.

So once again I armored myself with gloves, grasped the snake just behind the head, opened the door, and cast him out of the house.

I am beginning to think I should shout, "I abjur thee from ever entering these premises again. Begone from my sight!" To prevent a repeat and causing the above exclamation, am prowling the house looking for possible ingress routes.


AndyJ said...

Sorry Anna, but by spraying that poor beast, you have re-arranged it's genetic makeup and now it is programmed for revenge. Day after day it will be planning its revenge on the woman who gassed him and turned him into the ravaging Zombie that he has become. Either that, or before he expired, he told his fellow snakes about the evil woman at the house where he was just trying to do a good deed and rid the place of the mice. (WOW, this is just like the CHILLER CHANNEL on cable) Since there is no real escape from the dreaded Zombie snake, could you will me your Mustang before he does his dirty deed? I'll take good care of it...promise (The Mustang, not the snake)

Anna said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHHA! AndyJ, what you just wrote is a far better script than many monster movies I see on SyFy or Chiller.

Found the entryway, aka gateway, to the house. Now to use foam sealent. So looks like the Mustang will stay safely with me. Sorry AndyJ. ;)

AndyJ said...

So you say, when you wake up with that thing coiled on your head, you'll really feel bad when someone who doesn't really appreciate that 'Stang gets it and drives it into the ground. Oh, you might want to check the Mustang, my wife's Crossfire, when we took it in for servicing, had a rather large black snake skin in the air conditioning fan, scared the hell out of the mechanic. YOu can't trust those Zombie snakes.........Oh a good movie to watch .........."SNAKES ON THE PLANE. Sleep tight

Anna said...

Well AndyJ, so far so good. Storms have been pounding through, but seemed to have missed the disasters. Closest I got was 5 hours without power yesterday.

AndyJ said...

We have been getting rain, rain, rain this month. I feel like one of the characters in the old TWILIGHT ZONE program who were on the planet where it rained all of the time, driving everyone crazy. This time of the year, we usually average about 12" of rain, so far we are pretty close to the 20" mark and more predicted. The other day, the wife went out to the stalls to clean them. She came in and said that there was a 6 foot black snake in the pony's stall, and would I come out and move it. Went out and sure enough, there was a 5 1/2' to 6' black snake on the barrier between the horse and the pony stall. I got it out and moved to the hay barn where all of the mice and sometimes rats live and he would have plenty to feast on. Of course, I thought of you. I was going to send you a picture, but I didn't know if pictures could be included in the comment section. And how is your "pet", let him back into the house yet?

Anna said...

Not seen a scale of the beasty so far, though barn cat was tusseling with something this morning outside. Opened door and there he was, wanting food. So no idea what went on.

AndyJ said...

I got out today and got to do a little mowing..........very little (yard is still under standing water) saw 5 snakes about 2 1/2 feet to 3 feet, haven't seen that many snakes in a long time. Be glade to send a few down there, if you need some.

Anna said...

Sounds like you better build an ark AndyJ.

I will pass on your kind offer of snakes. Have enough of them, both reptile and political already.