Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pepys' Baboone

"I do believe it already understands much English; and I am of the mind that it might be tought to speak or make signs. - Diary of Samuel Pepys 24 August 1661

I am reminded of this quote because of an incident yesterday at the Wisconsin Tea Party rally. A 14-yr old girl got up before a microphone to explain why current spending is going to crush her. An anti-Tea Party person chanted and called that little girl a "Koch sucker." That chanter knew English words but noting like human compassion. That protester seemingly had no acquaintance with actual thought or logic. Just that there was a threat to their tribe and that threat had to be stopped.


MR. Legion to you said...

Sad stuff like that doesn't make the news but 'Maccacca' does.

Anna said...

Which is why its the duty of every citizen to ensure they are informed and to assist other citizens.