Sunday, April 03, 2011

Anime Brain Bleach

I was not expecting this from an anime. The show is called Nana to Kaoru. The above picture is of Nana Chigusa, top flight high school student. Her secret way of relaxing is soft S&M with her frankly scary weird boy friend[not sure if real boyfriend or just master - I quit less than halfway through], so she ends up acing tests afterwards. Did I mention both main characters are in high school yet? Well they are. I so need a neuralizer and brain bleach now.


Legion said...

Oh boy- can't wait to see this series, pant pant pant huff puff- aaaawwwwwoooooooooooooo. Oppsss.
Ahh hem- yes yes, very bad very bad. Ahem.

Anna said...

Legios ecchi!!!!


Anonymous said...

The love tension between the two is a subplot all its own. Great manga!

Anna said...

Anonymous, I think I will skip the manga also. 14 minutes of this anime convinced me that Tenjho Tenge is akin to Aida.

Anonymous said...

live movie nana to kaoru just release