Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Harry Reid Jumps Shark, Again

This kind of stuff is so insane no author would include it in a novel. But reality is again stranger than fiction. As Republicans and Democrats wrangle over budget cuts that amount to a mosquito bite in the rump of Fedzilla, Sen. Harry Reid has decided to stand up on his hind feet and take a principled stand to save a program being threatened by budget cuts. He claims it is absolutely vital this program not be cut. What is this stupendously important program? Is it Yucca Mountain? No, Sen. Reid has already killed that. Reid says we must save the cowboy poetry contest that is held in Nevada. Excuse me while I go and scoop my jaw from the floor. *snap* There I feel better though still gobsmacked. A poetry contest? Really? I think Harry needs a nap and his diapers changed.


Ed Rasimus said...

We ran a five-day Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Colorado Springs when I was on the Board of Trustees of the Pikes Peak Library District. It was totally funded by corporate donations and the library district. We got names like Baxter Black, Waylon Jennings, Diamond Rio, Sons of the Pioneers and more on successive years. Not a buck of federal money required or desired. Harry needs to grow up!

Anna said...

Big dif Ed, your private funded peotry contest attracted people with talent. Just think of what is required for a fedreally funded contest, all the paperwork to specify how many boxes can be checked for each poet.