Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Greek Canary

On top of all the economic problems Greece has, they also have an immigration problem. It seems 90% of the EU's illegal immigrants flow through Greece and in the first six months of 2010 more than 45,000 illegal border crossings occurred. Current amnesty laws requires living in Greece for 12 years before granting of citizenship. That has now been thrown out with a recent case.

A group of 287 illegal North African immigrants went on a hunger strike as deportation hearings were going on. One immigrant was on the verge of death since the hunger strike has been going on for six weeks and many were in hospitals. So to avoid being vilified the Greek government caved in and these illegals are now on the road to being Greek citizens, which means the opportunity to get on the Greek dole.

I just hope the illegal immigrants pouring across the porous US southern border are not advised of this tactic. But I am sure the La Raza/Amnesty Now freaks will ensure this tactic is known. While ignoring how brutal Mexico is when dealing with illegal immigrants.

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