Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crime and Consequences

The small community of Pearl, Mississippi was the scene of some excitement last night. Two men entered the Gold & Silver Extravaganza III store. They were dressed as women, even with painted fingernails and undergarments. Plus heavily armed. Not that such weaponry scared the store owners, they were armed also.

But it turns out they were not the sharpest pencils in the desk drawer. According to Lt. Butch Townsend, "The deceased subject has a moustache." The owner shot both crooks, killing one and sending the other to the hospital in critical condition. The crooks maynot have come to play, but the store owner was playing for keeps.

The deceased perp and the critically wounded perp have now been identified. Would you believe both are in this country illegally. The corpse is from Honduras while the one with part of his skull removed is from Guatamala. I guess these illegals are now doing criminal acts Americans don't want to do. When will this lax border enforcement stop?


Legion said...

Were they named Perez like in the illegals dressed as Marines story?
Bet the NYT won't print this.

Anna said...

Of course the NYT wont print this unless it happens personally to them. Then its real and something must be done. Until then, its just more people wanting the American dream. Fools.