Saturday, February 12, 2011

Obama - Hyper Tacky

This from RealClearPolitics just proves Obama will swipe anything from anyone. Even Gibbs' tie just before giving Gibbs a nice send-off. And please note the dithering he did over a tie, just imagine him dealing with Egypt. You will find the air-sickness bags located next to the toilet, if you make it there. If you failed to make it, be sure to use the Air Force One embossed napkins, you paid for them also. That is all.


Rose said...

Good point about the dithering! I was laughing about him taking all the time to talk about himself and then giving the tie and saying Fibbs was a good press secretary and a good friend.

Anna said...

Barry the Musical, "Its All About Me!" Alas this is not Spiderman cratering on Broadway.

Ed Rasimus said...

The story certainly highlights the venality of the man and the emphasis of style over any substance. But, it was a story the Messiah told at Gibb's farewell party. It actually happened during the '08 election campaign for his acceptance speech.

This, of course, is the same guy that is more often seen in public without a tie than with.

Anna said...

You are right Ed, second read through and I realise my error. I was in a rush to print, to borrow a dinosaur media catch phrase, to convey how mind-numbingly feckless Obama is. Things like this do not inspire confidence, along with his other campaign admission that he gets chewed out by Michelle for screw-ups.