Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Krewe of Fools

Stuck on stupid, let me count the ways when it comes to New Orleans. Does the blame lay with government people? Does it lay with some homeowners? Or is it a joint effort? You decide from this news story.

Homeowners with backyards along the 17th Street Canal filed a civil suit in state court on Jan. 5 to stop the work because they claim that they own the land where the work will take place and that they have not been compensated for damage to their properties.
The Army Corps of Engineers plans to begin work soon to strengthen the floodwall and levee along the 17th Street Canal.
In the suit, seven families claim work crews would be trespassing. The suit stems from a dispute over whether backyards along the canal are part of the state's right of way or private land. So far, homeowners have lost their case in state court.

Incredible, the 17th Street Canal still needs work and Katrina is five years plus in the past? Then there are the families. Scary.

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