Monday, January 10, 2011

Goats of Tuscon

The first goat of Tuscon is the gunman himself, Jared Loughner. After reading things Jared wrote or posted on Youtube, the conclusion became Jared was all over the political spectrum. That Jared is deeply disturbed. As time has passed since the attack, others who interacted with Jared thought he was dangerous even his math instructor at Pima Community College who had Jared kicked off campus because he was fearful Jared would bring a gun to class.

The second goat of Tuscon is Pima County Sheriff Dupnik. Giffords was still in danger of dieing and the crime scene was still being processed. But that did not stop Dupnik from standing atop the bloody bodies of six citizens, including a 9yr old girl, to push his political agenda. Did he have proof of his accusations? No, but he believed them to be true on national TV. Dupnik needs to be fired.

Third goat is a collective goat. From Paul Krugman of the New York Times to bloggers. They all rushed within an hour of the attack to pushing the libel and smear Sarah Palin and the Tea Party were to blame. They will hide behind Gabrielle Giffords father's comment moments after learning of the attack as their justification. But for a seasoned reporters of Krugman's caliber, Nobel Prize has to count for something besides a piece of paper, to assume one emotional outburst to be bedrock truth calls into question his professionalism.

That is all.

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