Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be Your Own President

This little post is addressed to Barrack H Obama Jr, aka Barry Soetero.

Sir, I have heard your partisans compare you to Abraham Lincoln when describing your cabinet. When the Kennedy clique dressed you in the robes of John F. Kennedy, you were portrayed as the new Jack Kennedy. Now Time Magazine is trying to portray you as a re-incarnation of Ronald Reagan.

I have but one thing to say to all this hagiography being heaped upon you. Be your own president, captain your own fate. Don't be a poor Xerox parroting phrases that are not your own. Be a true leader.


Ed Rasimus said...

"I am what you need me to be. I am all things to all people without being nothing to anyone. If you see nothing then realize I am a blank sheet of paper upon which you can write your most vivid fantasy. I will be what you want and need me to be while not disappointing the slobbering fool next to you who wants something entirely different for Christmas...er the holiday season. I am what I am or possibly am not."

Hey, I could be presidential material!

Anna said...

You would be far better presidential timber than the balsa wood presently there.

Me said...

He tried to be his own guy, then he realized that America didn't like him. So now he's trying to portray himself as whatever America does like.