Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yeeeeeee.... Haaaaaww!!!

Former president George W. Bush got some excitement last night. A man driving a 70's vintage Mercury Cougar was visiting one of Bush's neighbors when a malfunction occurred. The accelerator pedal got stuck and the car crashed onto the Bush property. No one was injured in the incident. Secret Service and Dallas Police Department responded quickly, the man was briefly detained, and then released. No word as of yet if Sec. of Transportation Ray LaHood will force the shuttered Mercury company to issue an emergency recall.


Mike's America said...

I was down Bush's street in Dallas shortly after he moved in. Cops everywhere. I can't imagine how any car not entitled to be there would get anywhere near it.

Or perhaps we have turned Bush's protection over to TSA agents and they were too busy groping the neighbor's cat.


Anna said...

Lets hope TSA is not securing George and Laura Bush.

Merry Christmas to you Mike.