Friday, December 03, 2010

Hillary Clinton Retiring?

There has been repeated speculation and theories on how the Democrats were going to ensure Hillary Rodham Clinton would not endanger Obama's 2012 aspirations. Well it seems the Secretary of State has answered the question in this article. She says being the Secretary of State will be her last public office.

Pardon me while I roll to dis-believe. Oh darn all the Clinton two term modifiers have come into play as I rolled the d20. I got a 19 on the roll so no I don't believe her. So let me spin a what if for 2012 ala a Christmas Carol.

You see Hillary decides being Secretary of State has become too onerous for her. So she resigns the post and heads back to her New York residence. Democrats of all stripes sing her praise while she does this. Meanwhile Obama continues to crash and burn with the public and on the international stage. He becomes such a disaster the Democrats go with hat in hand to beg an indulgence from Hillary Clinton. They will bend their knees and implore their most imperious queen to serve this country once again. She will gave upon the crowns of their heads, with saccharine smile accede to their heartfelt request. Thus like Cincinatus she will leave her home to serve again this great country in its most trying time.

Time will tell if this comes to pass. Though the chances are great, by the time they ask Clinton to run, Obama will have done so much damage to the Democrat brand that no one can save them in 2012. Thus the problem becomes who will the Republicans select to run in 2012 for the post. Lets hope they choose wisely.


Six said...

I agree on Hillary. The scenario you outline seems likely, even probable. The problem comes from the R side. I don't see any new faces appearing, unless Marco Rubio (Palin possibly?)can be convinced to throw his hat into the ring. More likely is the same basic lineup as 2008. Lord preserve us all!

AndyJ said...

The only problem that I can see in that scene is that by 2012, Obama will have this country so screwed up, who would want to step in on the deck of the sinking ship? There would probably be no hope what so ever and I doubt that she would want her name in history as the last captain of the Titanic as it sinks.

Anna said...

Six, the regular Repubican voter has to be heard. Which increasingly means they are also part of the Tea Party. If not, we be circling the D toilet bowl.

Yes AndyJ, with Obama in charge the chances of anyone with a D after their name running in 2012 are slim. Just betting on Hillary's over-weening desire to be President getting the better of her.