Saturday, December 25, 2010

Daddy Government

I was going to take a break today from blogging. Spend a restful Christmas with family and troubleshooting their technology problems. Then I read the local paper at the parents' house, the Sun-Herald's Sound Off section. And lo unto us was scribbled another paen to socialism that perfectly defines what it is. Government is your daddy.

To the one complaining about government takeovers. In every one of those examples, it made things better. The government’s job is to protect us, not just from foreign enemies but from domestic as well. When you were young and acted irresponsibly your dad took the car away from you. That’s exactly what happened here. And by the way, you have no idea what socialism is.


Ed Rasimus said...

Ahh yes. We get not the government we deserve but the government we demand! Take care of us. Tell us what to eat and what not to. Take our money so it can be spent more wisely than we could ourselves. Ahhhh yes, and then tell me I don't know what socialism is!

Anna said...

Exactly. By their words and actions, their ignorance shines brightly. Along with their ego.