Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scanner Pr0n

One more reason why DHS and TSA push for these scanners is dangerous to individuals' rights to privacy. And oh yes, a certain religious group who thinks a black potato sack is proper clothes for a woman is on its way to being exempt from all security measures. If these people are exempt then others who's religious beliefs stress modesty should be respected also and given a pass. Which would make the scan or pat system even less effective.

U.S. Marshals at a courthouse in Orlando, FL kept thousands of scans from a lower resolution system than what is being pushed right now. In violation of all the announcements that such images would not be stored. Which, after a second's thought, is ludicrous since how would an investigation progress after a terrorist act if this kind of critical information is not stored. How can anyone trust DHS when they say such disingenuous words?

Just bring back the puff machines and the sniffer dogs.

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