Friday, November 05, 2010

A Passage to India

From a security standpoint I have to ask is this trip to India necessary? The President is taking his wife and two children. Most of his White House staff. Taking over a whole hotel plus part of another. A total of 40 government owned jets, at least 13 of them being C-17s. There are two separate command posts in Mumbai and New Delhi. And now a whole carrier battle group of 35 ships is sitting off Mumbai because of the previous terrorist attack. And now we have a suicide bomber in neighboring Pakistan killing 50 people in a mosque.

I just have a very bad feeling that I hope is totally wrong. But everything points to this being a very opportune time for someone with a grudge to strike at the head of the Great Satan. And in case people have forgotten, yesterday was the 31st anniversary of the Iranian seizure of the American embassy and Iran again chanted "Death to the Great Satan."

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