Thursday, November 25, 2010

Art Thou Safe?

Here is another Thanksgiving post, of a more serious nature. Gizmodo has published tweets from people hustling through various major airports and they are reporting many instances of the scanners and pat-downs not being done. SEATAC and LAX are among the airports not doing these checks. TSA's response has been the scans and pat-downs are being done. You decide who is telling the truth - paying customers or TSA drones protecting their jobs?

Clarification seems to be in order. Tis a fast scribbler I am. First, until Ed Rasimus pointed it out, I was not aware places like DFW had only partial implentation of the new scanners. Major Delta Sierra on my part. If SEATAC and LAX are in the same condition, then it explains why some people are not getting the scans. Though it does raise another question, why hasn't TSA simply set up a list of airports to get fully fitted, start at say ATL and then move to LAX and DFW. That way, whole airports are secured; as it stands now these airports have gaps that can be exploited. So my original question is still valid, are we really any safer? Not really. And when you realize the terrorists have already employed explosives implanted into breasts plus the rectal bomb that almost got a Saudi prince that the scanners won't detect. Well maybe if they got a fuse dangling out the pat-down might detect, if Muslim women are not given a pass. This is all kabuki theatre with lethal consequences. Lets bring back the bomb dogs, puffer machines, and even simple profiling like investigate people with a one-way ticket and only a carry-on bag.

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Ed Rasimus said...

How quickly we get conditioned! First outrage at the violation of our Fourth Amendment protection and then within a week or two demands that we be probulated.

The full-body scanners are still deployed only in limited numbers across the country. That will expand exponentially in the coming year, but right now not all airports have them and not all security points at the airports that do have them.

DFW for example only has scanners currently in Terminal D. The other four terminals don't have them yet.