Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twits who Tweet

Sarah Palin tweets to her followers not to get over-confident in the lead up to the November elections. She makes reference to the year 1773.

The founder of the Daily Kos could not restrain himself. So without even 48 seconds to pause for reflection, Markos fired his own witty salvo. Which proceeded to splash no one but himself with its abject ignorance. For you see Markos asked if Sarah Palin meant perhaps 1776?

Nope, she meant 1773. The year in which the patriots led by Samuel Adams threw 342 chests of tea, with the hated tea tax, into the waters of Boston Harbor. The first Boston Tea Party was on. I guess such learned people as Markos do not consider that an important bit of history or he might have caught himself before hitting send.

So the question that begs itself is thus - do the citizens of this great country want to follow the lead of people this ignorant of American history? Or better yet to follow the lead of someone so hasty in their urge to denigrate and disparage, they do not pause to think. If guilty of just one such failing, I may make allowances; but to be guilty of both failings? I would never follow their lead for their path leads to destruction.


Rose said...

LOL - they do SO-o-o-o-o hate her, they cannot contain their rage - jumping up and down with rage like Rumplestiltskin.

Anna said...

It does seem they lack any highter motor functions beyond rage and the ability to tap out letter by letter their seething anger.

Rose said...

LOL - too bad we didn't have a blood pressure cuff on 'em. Veins popping and all...

Anna said...

Pressure cuff might be too late.

"Oh Mr. Markos what a lovely deep shade of red you painted this room."

"Yes I do like it, its called Arterial Red."


Ed Rasimus said...

What is revealed is how much they fear her. They wouldn't still be spending time trying to denigrate and disparage if she were harmless to their control.

She can occasionally be a bit rough on the edges, but she is unquestionably the voice of fly-over America and that voice has been silent way too long.

Anna said...

Oh yes, she has become their bogeyman, that which goes bump in the night and makes them turn their nightlite on while clutching their safety blanket.

The mouse is roaring and they are still deaf. Their loss.