Sunday, October 31, 2010

Political Cartoons 1995 Pt 2

What Republicans face if they gain control of Congress.
No Big Bird to save NPR from Schiller's firing of Juan Williams.
Sound familiar?
Oh the cruelty /sarc
All praise the holy taxes.


Anonymous said...

from iam7545

Defund NPR and PBS

FOX will pick up Sesame Street and give da bird a raise!

Anna said...

LOL. Big Bird and Huckabee Show.

Bird of Paradise said...

You can always identiy a liberal by their dumb T-Shirts like the 70's chicken footprint peace logo

Birdzilla said...

The demac-RATS the party of the rich(Kennedys.Gores,Etc)and the party of tax and spend(Others Peoples Money)and the party of the surrender monkeys