Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams' Excommunication

For daring to utter in a public forum his personal beliefs, Juan Williams has been excommunicated from the Church of Progressiveism. In this case he has been deprived of his employment at National Public Radio for not hewing to their orthodoxy while other employees who voice their objectionable opinions have retained employment.

Where as the Roman Catholic Church, over its two thousand years of existence, has struggled with how and when to excommunicate those in open rebellion with their teachings, it seems the progressives have but one punishment. That of public excommunication vitandi, the shunning of the offender in all ways. To bar the malefactor from any congress with other progressives. To raise the flaming sword and bar the way back unless the malefactor makes an abject public apology admitting their fallacy of belief.

Pretty intolerant of the progressives isn't it? Now Mr. Williams has gotten a taste of what Martin Luther felt. Or perhaps how Copernicus and Galileo felt whilst under the gimlet gaze of a very orthodox Catholic Church being confronted by revolutionary ideas. This whole event is a revealing and ugly look under the hood of progressiveism, a belief system that is so unsure of its own beliefs that the smallest variance is considered anathema.


Rose said...

I have friends who have gone through similar things - guys who worked their asses of for the Democratic Central Committee - then when one day they ran for office, found that the Dems chose to support a republican, not the only Dem in the local race. He stuck with it, and recently threw in the towel, quitting - you see, he was a working man, a Union man, and despite the lip services, the new "progressive" democrats hate working men.

I said I tried to warn ya, and we're much nicer than that.

Anna said...

I really hate to use the word, but it seems so true. If a person wanders off the ideological plantation the socialists live on, they are quick with the torches and pitchforks to pass judgement on the heretic.