Friday, October 08, 2010

Gov. Moonbeam's Traitor

While the navel-gazing fools that surround Jerry Brown try to convince the people of California that Meg Whitman is a witch for being tricked into hiring an illegal, lets take a look at a bit of Jerry Brown's previous tenure as Governor of California. To whit an appointee of his to the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

It seems in 18 months, Edison Miller managed to alienate Republicans along with fellow Democrats as well. Not only was Miller getting into shoving matches with Republicans, he was vehemently attacking the state Democratic Party chairman. When 1980 rolled around, even though the Democratic Party was against him, Miller tried to run for the seat Jerry Brown appointed him to. He got 17% of the vote. Apparently the people of Orange County were tired of the Fonda-Hayden clique of anti-war zealots.

Being a Fonda-Hayden person is nothing strange to Col. Edison Miller, USMC[ret]. You see Miller was a prisoner of the North Vietnamese after his F-4 Phantom II of VMFA-323 was lost on a combat mission due to ground fire. He was imprisoned for more than five years where men such as James Stockdale, John McCain, Everett Alvarez, Howie Rutledge, and Bud Day would encounter him and his actions.

Miller denies ever ratting out on his fellow prisoners but admits to making broadcasts for the communist Vietnamese. These broadcasts came to be known as the Bob and Ed Show, named after Robert Schweitzer and Edison Miller who made them. As for ratting out prisoners, Everett Alvarez in his memoirs of being Shoot-down Number One Chained Eagle tells things differently. Alvarez recounts incidents of Miller ratting out prisoners to the guards as they tried to communicate with other prisoners. He also tells when Miller and another rat would deliberately close the gates between compounds to again prevent prisoners from talking to each other. McCain recounts trying to just say hi to Miller and the other rat, for that guards were called and McCain was beaten. Adm. James Stockdale tried to get Miller court-martialed but the then Secretary of Defense Laird said there would be no court-martial for returning prisoners of war, hence Miller retired honorably from the Marine Corps as a Colonel.

The POWs' anger over Miller came to a boil when the POWs were invited to a dinner at the White House by President Richard Nixon. During their captivity, Miller and the other rats were kept separate from the other POWs. In fact the anger was so great there was even a plot to kill one of the rats, but the SRO squashed any vigilante justice. Back to that dinner at the White House, the rats got invited also which naturally lead to some 'tense' moments like Howie Rutledge trying to bodily shove Edison Miller out the window of a bus on the way to the White House.

About the only good thing to say of Miller when asked who would he vote for in 2008, he thought George Bush was an idiot and did not feel comfortable with Barack Obama. Then he goes off the rails and voices support for Ron Paul.

If Meg Whitman's decision to hire a maid, that turned out to be an illegal who lied about her immigration status, should disqualify her from being Governor, then Jerry Brown should not be Governor either for a greater reason - Edison Miller traitor.


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