Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thy Own Words Betray

To make this weekend more exciting, the FBI has executed multiple search warrants on various anti-war protesters. This includes Meredith Aby of the Anti-War Committee in Minneapolis, MN.

What is the Anti-War Committee? According to Wiki, lol, this group started out as a chapter of the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES). As the link notes, CISPES worked with the communist guerilla forces in El Salvador and opposes free trade in Central America. So it should be no shock that these people love fellow communists or socialists like the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine of which the groups is accused of associating with. The PFLP's most infamous alumi is Carlos the Jackal, the man who took hostage 11 OPEC ministers in Vienna.

Here are Ms. Aby's interview about her group's travel to the Palestinian areas.
Aby said Anti-War Committee members sometimes engage in “political accompaniment work,” where they stay with activists “to keep them from being abducted or bombed” by authorities.

In other words, Ms. Aby and her fellow travellers were willing human shields to prevent Israeli autorities from detaining suspected criminals/terrorists who would have been tried in Israeli courts.

As the title I selected for this post states, their own words convict them of the crimes the search warrants mention. These people are not against all war, just any military action the United States carries out. I would put them under the defintion of giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

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