Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They Miss Him

I find this totally hilarious. It seems President Obama coming out in support of Cordoba House has failed to impress the average American citizen who still seems to oppose the whole project by a whopping 70%. So what do trans-national progressives do when a pet project that makes their ego feels good is tanking badly? Why abandon all pretense to logic and grasp at that last straw in a forlorn hope to be rescued by one they have scorned in the past. The man whom they simultaneously accused of being able to fool people while being so stupid he could never talk coherently has now become the man they turn to to provide them cover and support the building of Cordoba House. They expect George W. Bush to get with them and support the building.

For the past year and a half, more and more people have started to miss George W. Bush being President. I never thought it would be Democrats who would also miss him. Looks like I was wrong. Hopefully George W. Bush declines and stays home while privately laughing.


pat said...

Formerly the Mosque de Triumphant. Now known as the Obamamosque.

Anna said...

LOL or is that the BOmbamamosque?

What its turning into is a very large Bonfire of the Vanities for Barrack H. Obama.