Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dear Mr. President

You are no Kick-Ass on a mission to solve a problem, much less Hit Girl. Just plug the hole already and stop pointing the finger. You may poke someone's eye out with that finger. And quite whining about it all being Bush's fault. You just prove Hit Girl is more mature than you.

Gratuitous Hit Girl video.


Rides A Pale Horse said...

He's gonna kick someones ass?

Not likely. He's a punk and doesn't have what it takes to kick ANYONES ass.

Tough guy.

Talk's cheap.....
Takes money to buy whiskey.

pat said...

Affirmative Action President

Myrtus said...

LOLZ too funny! :))

Anna said...

Bet he uses stimulus money to buy the whiskey and be so Jeremiah was a bullfrog type. Never understood a word he said.

Pat, you need to market that doll. Make sure its made in the PRC. Oh wait, liability issues so a China exclusive.

Myrtus!!! Oh my gosh! Girl where you been?

Myrtus said...

Hiii Anna, I missed you girl! :)
How you been?
I've been hiding from the mean and nasty monster that is today's politics. I was so burnt out on it from all the negative energy, it took me 7 months to find my way back.

Anna said...

Myrtus, yes its been pretty brutal from the thin-skinned crew infesting DC now. My output has been down. I guess I could have focused on Michelle's fashion style, but I would be on my fourth set of eye-balls by now. Suddenly England's lawyer in the gold lame looks real good.

Myrtus said...

lolll I hear ya.