Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Witless at the Witness Table

If we, the voting public, still had doubts on the capabilities of the sitting US Attorney General and Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, this week should have removed all doubt. As in there is no more doubt they are incompetent for the important jobs they now hold.

In separate testimonies before members of Congress days apart, Eric Holder and Janet Nepolitano both admitted to the same fact. When it came to the new Arizona law dealing with illegal immigration, neither had bothered to read it. But both think the law is a bad idea. You heard me right, the man responsible for prosecuting people under federal immigration laws and the woman tasked with securing the nation's airports, seaports, and borders have not read a state law on immigration enforcement even though it falls under their spheres of responsibility.

The only positive spin I can put on this sorry spectacle is, they were honest in admitting they had not read it. And the only reason that I can think of that fits their individual personalities as to why they were truthful is they feared being prosecuted for perjury at a later date. So we, the People, can now say with a straight face that Eric and Janet are honestly incompetent.


DeanO said...

incompetent - completely and it's actually an amazing consideration that they have not read the 10 page document.

Anna said...

DeanO it makes one wonder do they read at all? Did they Cliff-Note to a degree?

And the media accused President Ronald Reagan of sleeping through meetings. Incredible.