Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New York Pathfinder

I think picking a Nissan Pathfinder is somehow auspicious and troubling. What is a pathfinder but someone who breaks trail into a new area. And its the Taliban who is claiming to have carried out this attack, the first recorded time they have claimed to have operated in the United States. And if their target truly was the Viacom building then we got something else to worry about. The South Park episode with Mohammad in a bear suit is very recent. And yet the Taliban managed to organize and carry out an attempted terrorist attack since then. It seems the enemies of Western Civilization might have far greater capability than many pundits in Washington D.C. are willing to admit to.

And the Obama Administration wants us to sleep peacefully just because this was a botched attempt? I am very concerned since a guerrilla or a terrorist has to get lucky just once while those playing a purely defensive war have to be right 100% of the time. Worse maybe in the offering.


pat said...

Obama, Napolitano, Holder. The 3 stooges.

Legion said...

How DARE they take credit away from the NYPD. That regime is EVIL and must be voted out of office!

Anna said...

Legios the stooges live on the river Denial. And they are taking us for a boat trip.