Friday, May 21, 2010

The Axe Falls

On Dennis Blair. President Barrack Obama has asked for his Director of National Intelligence's resignation. Mr. Blair tendered his resignation since he serves at the President's sufference. But its in the spin that we catch the nub I think of why Blair had to go.

From ABC we learn this:
This was, the official said, the result of long pent-up dissatisfaction with Blair as the principal intelligence adviser to the president, responsible for briefing the president every day and briefing the National Security Staff. In short, officials didn’t think the briefings were relevant to what the president was focused on that day or time period. They weren’t crisp or well-presented.

In other words it seems Obama had fixed notions of what he wanted to hear in these briefings. And Mr. Blair apparently dared to brief this president on things that he, the Director of National Intelligence, thought were more pressing due to his fuller access to the information. This narrowness of view is not a good indicator of an administration that is willing to adapt. As for the charge of the briefings not being crisp or well-presented, this strikes me as a cheap shot against a retired US Navy Admiral from an administration stuffed with academics who's primary yardstick it seems is 'oh he is not as smart as us.'

Meanwhile Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and Samantha Power are still firmly entrenched in the Obama administration. With Secretary Clinton forced to deal with North Korea and the above still running large chunks of the intel community. The Obama administration shows horrible timing for throwing Blair under the bus. May the nation survive these naifs in charge, please.


Rides A Racist Horse said...

Incompetence and ignorance are hallmarks of this administration.

Anyone with experience and a willingness to keep the country safe or stands up to Oblowme has to be GONE!

Maybe he can get an illegal immigrant to fill the position.

No....that won't do either. If you're smart enough to be here illegally and not get caught you're probably too smart for that job as well.

Maybe a Harvard grad?

Rose said...

Can you imagine the questionnaire's you must fill out to get a position with Obama? Do you hate this country? yes, Check. Have you paid your taxes? No. Check. Will you help me bring this nation to its knees? yes. Check, you're hired.

pat said...

"Give Van Jones the job." Michelle Obama

Anna said...

RAPH, I agree. And the 1,200 troops to tbe border are there to stop guns and drug flow, not illegals. So guess what will happen, more cocain strapped to illegals. I think one can get a Harvard degree in a box of Cracker Jacks.

Rose, it seems that way. A mark of an honest person is the willingness to entertain doubts about their own certainty or beleifs. Not so in the Obama Admin.

Pat, I think they all are Van Jones.