Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vlad Putin - Space Tycoon

I guess our smart president failed to see this one coming. With the Space Shuttle slated for only two more missions, Russia's Soyuz space capsule will soon be the only way to the International Space Station. Sensing the imminent intersection of sole source and serving some humility to the Americans who beat the USSR to the Moon, the price tag for a seat on a Soyuz is going up. The new price tag is a mere $51 million US.

Just another reason to bring Constellation, Ares, and Orion back. To prevent the US from being over a barrel to get astronauts into orbit. But I doubt the bright boffins who inhabit the Obama Administration are ever going to admit they were wrong and perhaps the US needs a manned space capability. This is a very good reason to throw the bums infesting Congress out this November.

Addedum: I can see an American astronaut in full space-suit on the road to Baikonur Cosmodrome holding up a sign that reads 'LEO or Bust.' Then will come the day that the president of the United States declares the country can no longer afford to send people into space and then the ISS will be manned by people from ESA, Russia, PRC, and whomever pays the fees to get into space. But no more Americans. Thus the distant horizon upon which Americans dreamed will become far closer and lower, until our horizon never extends beyond the field we till. And those who do look up will see a glittering light cross the heavens at night and imagine gods must be striding the heavens.

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