Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last News Roundup of 2009

After experiencing chest pains while vacationing in Hawaii, conservative talk-show radio mega-star Rush Limbaugh is resting comfortably. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile the Detroit underwear bomber continues to imitate a clam at the behest of his lawyer. Controversy is swirling over full body scans and privacy rights. Hey a scan is less invasive than a TSA drone using a wand around the private areas.

In Marseilles France, someone has managed to abscond with Degas' Les Choristes where it had been on display with some of his other works. Security footage is being reviewed for clues as to who stole the $1.4million work.

In Khost Afghanistan, a suicide bomber has managed to kill eight CIA workers. In this holiday season please remember their families as they struggle with their losses.

And in Finland, an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo who has been living in Finland for the past 18 years, who was married, went on a killing rampage at the mall where his Finnish girlfriend worked. This after she had secured a restraining order against him to keep him away from her and where she worked at the mall. He later went to her apartment to murder her and then he killed himself.

Dishonorable Mention for 2009.
Hard call to make since there are so many from Nepolitano to Obama to Reid to Pelosi, Chavez, Amadjihadi, and other assorted rogues and scoundrels.

But I guess I will give it for more personal reasons: Levi Johnson. After selling his soul for some silver and posing nude for a magazine. Levi has decided to sue to gain at least some custody of the son he gave some DNA to. Naturally Bristol Palin is going to fight these smarmy maneuvers from this wastrel. Go Bristol!


AndyJ said...

I wonder why THE ONE didn't send his convoy to take Rush to the hospital like he did for his golfing buddy's son..........maybe Rush beat him in golf???????????

Mike's America said...

I flew in and out of Detroit over Christmas and it was pretty scary thinking that a man could get on a plane with a bomb in his underwear but our security folks seem more concerned patting down grandmothers.

Happy New Year Anna!