Thursday, October 08, 2009

Beating a Dead Mule

The American Civil War ended in 1865 and the last bits of official Jim Crow died under federal legislation one hundred years later. We have even found out that Thomas Jefferson had a mistress of color and they had children. So why do progressives constantly trot this stuff out? Because it serves a political purpose, to engender feelings of guilt to get even more money from the federal sugar daddy. So Michelle Obama please stop people from using your family's past to further this kind of cause, it just cheapens you as a person.


Zimri said...

actually we found out that Thomas Jefferson did NOT have any children from the Hemingses

Anna said...

Thanks for the link. Casts a totally new light when it maybe Thomas Jefferson's younger brother who might be the father. Its a troubling pattern of the progressive persuasion is they will selectively pick and choose what will butress their delusions while hoping no one calls them on it. Socrates would be so dissapointed. And so should we, being a scholar or historian means being thorough and scrupulous; terms that are foreign to people smearing Thomas Jefferson.