Monday, September 14, 2009

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Who would you elect to be President?

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One is a robot programmed by Alinsky, one is a killer computer, and the other is an android trapped on a hostile alien planet.


chicagodudewhotrades said...

I voted for Bishop. He was pretty useful, He could fly a dropship and was still alive even after being ripped in half

pat said...

Anna, check out this corrupt ass. Remember his brother (under his watch) walked with $1,000,000 in contributed cash and was not only not charged, but he did not pay a cent in taxes.

Anna said...

Well HAL is winning the vote by 53% to Bishop's 47%. Obama still has 0% of the vote.

Bishop was okay until its revealed what happened to all but Ripley.

Pat, ACORN is the definition of 'Culture of Corruption.'