Thursday, September 24, 2009

Runway Rejects

Recent fashion faux-pas.

Obviously having a coeterie of twenty does not prevent one from having horrible fashion sense. As the First Lady proves by wearing the above dress to a ceremony honouring Medal of Honor winners.

Now the leader of Libya can get away with dressing like a cross of Michael Jackson and Pinochet; he has his bodyguards, one of whom is glimpsed in the back in khaki, gold, and maroon.

In apologia for the retina searing experience above, Duran Duran's song The Chauffeur. Good song and the boys will like the teetalation.


Tom said...

No taste whatsoever...

But I'll bet the catwalks of Paris will be flooded with knockoffs next year!

(Interesting that the word verification was "repawn" - perhaps that's what MO (aka FLOTUS) should do with her wardrobe.))

Anna said...

Repawn! LOL Yeah, recoup some of that stimulus money that went to fashion designers.

Anonymous said...

Pinochet, at least, knew how to look good in a uniform. And he put the damn commies in their place, although he was excessively brutal.

Mike's America said...

Michelle got confused. She was told she was going to do a sting video on ACORN dressed as a ...... By the time she was walking in the door of the Medal of Honor Ceremony it was too late to change.

Anna said...

Anon, I was pointing how ridiculous Gaddafi looked without reaching back to Charlie Chaplain and the Great Dictator.

Mike, you mean Michelle moonlights at the DC ACORN office in charge of special projects? lolol