Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago September 11th was a clear and beautiful day, just like today is.

Eight years ago I was at work when people called to come see the TV, I thought at first a plane had accidentally crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. Even with my previous knowledge about terrorism, I was too American to even think someone could be that evil. When the second plane struck, I knew I was wrong and I was looking at a very evil act.

Eight years ago, many worlds were changed and many were shattered with those attacks. Evil had not slept during the hiatus from history many had lived the past decade. It had merely bided its time and coldly plotted while testing the rest of the world. Then it decided to attack.

Eight years ago Rick Rescorla and his deputies safely evacuated all the people that were entrusted to them, saving 2,700 people. Then Rick, like he had done in Vietnam, with his deputies went back up to into the inferno to see who else needed saving. That was the last anyone saw of Rick and his assistants alive, they did not get out.

Eight years ago Louis F. Aversano was at work on the 94th floor of World Trade Center Tower Two when the plane struck the floors below him. As the cell-phone nets jammed, Louis was able to phone his daughter Lisa, working on John Street, to let her know that he was evacuating. That was the last time Lisa talked to her father. Louis did not make it out, leaving another family devastated.

Eight years ago, Father Mychal Judge was with his beloved New York firefighters when the alarms rang. Father Judge was no stranger to tragedy as he helped families heal after TWA Flight 800 crashed. So there he was at the base of the towers tending to all in need of succor. For those who were about to depart this world for the next, there was Father Judge helping them. And when the towers fell, Father Judge was still there tending to a flock not all his own but a flock that needed help. What a good Shepard.

Father Michael Duffy’s homily on Father Mychal Judge when the good priest was buried:
“We come to bury Mike Judge’s body but not his spirit. We come to bury his mind but not his dreams. We come to bury his voice but not his message. We come to bury his hands but not his good works. We come to bury his heart but not his love. Never his love.”

Eight years on, let us not forget. Let us remember all who perished that day and pray for their salvation while we pray for healing of their families. Let us never forget them or their dreams.


Rose said...

I remember.

The Six said...

Amen Anna.

I will never forget. Never.

Anna said...

Like Pearl Harbor, let us not forget the people or the lessons.