Sunday, September 06, 2009


I think that sums up the first nine months of the Obama administration.
  • Rams through a 'stimulus' bill that bloats the bureauacrcy.
  • Performs poor vetting of nominees so gets embarrased by tax cheats, frauds, and assorted other loons.
  • Takes multiple vacations to Chicago, New York City, and Martha's Vineyard while the nation is in crisis.
  • Lets Congress spearhead what is supposed to be his signature legacy - health care reform.
  • Does fist-bumps with enemies of the Untied States while snubbing long term allies.
  • Wants to prosecute Americans at the CIA for protecting their country while desiring to move to America's heartland suspected terrorists.
  • Fails to fill half of the appointments he needs to while staffing the White House with unvetted fellow travellers like Van Jones. But takes six months to vette a dog for his children.
  • Bullies a Central American ally for protecing it's democratic insitutions while leaving another Latin country hanging over a trade agreement.
The Presidency is far far far above his pay grade.


Rose said...

Right on. Linked.

Pat said...

Living the high life while he tries ti beggar America.

Anna said...

Thanks Roses. Pat, what you mean tries? Him and Congress are driving the rest of us into the poor house so all except the elites will be the same.