Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Under the Bus

I bet Obama is glad he ordered from Government Motors a special hybrid 4x4 bus when he forced a regieme change on them and put his directors on the board. It seems another one of his associates has been tossed under it.

The most recent victim to join Van Jones in greasing those axels is none other than Yosi Sergeant. Yosi's first claim to Obama fame was bringing in Fairey to do some political posters for the campaign. After the election, Sergeant became the director of communications for the NEA. And here he ran into trouble. You see he had a conference call with various NEA funded artists asking them to produce art in favour of things like health care reform.

Naturally this rang alarm bells among many who are now wary of anything that comes from Team Obama. It invoked visions of Young Pioneers reciting how wonderful Iosef Stalin was to the Rodina while standing under pictures showing a paternal and smiling image of the butcher dictator.

So poor Yosi Sergeant has resigned. Which means he moves out of government work and the limelight to either a less noticeable government slot or to become a shill on K Street peddling his tawdry wares. Dear President Obama, you are known by the company you keep and well your company is full of stinkers.


pat said...

there is a grammar school in New Jersey looking for a song director of Yosi's caliber.

Anna said...

Can we stick him in a kindergarten finger-painting class?

Mike's America said...

Pat beat me to it!

I don't know why Yoda had to ask NEA grantees to do work praising Obama. I'm sure like all good card carrying socialists they were already doing that.

Anna said...

Mike, lol. Perhaps Yosi was going 'HHmmm good all you here. Now listen to wisdom words yes? We will do for our Emperor all we can yes? hhmm??" You know, doing a motiviational speech to fire up the fellow travellers.