Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Welcome to East Germany

When the DDR, East Germany, imploded in 1989 there were many shockers awaiting its former citizens. The most disturbing thing to emerge was how far the East German Secret Police, the Stassi, was in the pockets of the average citizen. Records indicate a full third of the population was snitching on the other two-thirds of the population. The incentives for snitching were good, you did not vanish in the dark of night for interrogation and you got favors from the benevolent communist government.

Now we get to the present day and another dose of reality. As the Obama administration’s plan to make the US medical care system into the Soviet/European Socialist model comes into stiff opposition from very concerned citizens, Obama and his apparatchiks are starting to panic. First they are attempting to call accurate quotes of the proposed health care bill distortions, shades of Ingsoc isn’t it? Since that is not working well, the Obama White House is falling back to Stassi methods. They want you the average citizen to tell them who is saying bad things about Obama’s health care vision. They want you to be a snitch.

Welcome to new and improved East Germany comrade.


Rose said...

They are already monitoring blogs, mine has been 'searched' by the "Office of the President" - they do not need anyone to report them. This is a really bad thing.

Anna said...

A frightening thing in the offering if coordinated better.

AndyJ said...

I have the perfect answer. All of the "Right Wing" (read the common people) should show up to these meetings wearing ACORN and SEIU T-shirts. Now tell me that seeing that on television wouldn't make "THE ONE" go completely insane. Love it

Rides A Pale Horse said...

"Snitches and talkers


stitches and walkers"

Anna said...

AndyJ, they would go nutz. Lets roll.

RAPH, yeah. About as funny as a government supplied crutch made of rubber. Which is where we are heading.