Saturday, August 22, 2009

James Cameron

Its amazing how much buzz James Cameron has generated with just a few trailers of his upcoming movie Avatar. Roses has a link to the trailer on her site. And this movie is not coming out until this December, simply incredible the interest.

So what is Avatar? Judging from what little I have read and from the trailer. It looks like humanity has finally made it to the stars and come across a primitive alien race on a very nice hunk of real estate. Which presents a bit a quandry it seems. What to do about the natives? So using technology they inject the minds of several Marines into alien bodies to gather intelligence. And suddenly what pops to mind from the writings of David Drake and his very lost Roman legion, "and they took barbarian wives." At least these are not Parthians.

What has everyone gasping in amazement is the blending of live-action and computer animation. The aliens look alien but totally real, not a collection of pixels animated. There is a more natural look and texture to the aliens and their environment that what was seen in such computer animated movies like Final Fantasy Spirits Within. Just hope the story is not very simplistic, or all the super effects in the world won't save it from a quick demise.

As a fan of anime, for Avatar to tank would imperil Cameron's next film which is due out in 2011. For years rumours have floated that James Cameron would tackle Battle Angel Alita as I blogged on it before. This picture taken as James Cameron tackles Avatar shows how committed to Alita he is, a t-shirt with Gally/Yohko on it as he talks it over with Sam Worthington. And look at the set they are on, very much a dressed up C-17 troop compartment it seems.

As to what is Gunnm? Might want to try the Battle Angel Alita web-site. Here is the trailer for the Battle Angle Alita anime OVAs.


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Good stuff. James i like it.

Anna said...

LOL I so want to see it.