Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ministry of Truth

It's amazing how in seven months, vociferous objections turn to clamoring demand. Under the Bush administration, the media was constantly living in fear that DHS would kick in their doors to shut them down for exposing such vital programs as tracking bin-Laden's mobile phone. At least that is what alot of their articles wailed about, but it never happened.

Now. Well lets look at the current situation. Just this past week, the Washington Post was busted for trying to sell their access to President Obama for $25,000 a pop in a desperate attempt to stave off financial ruin. For the Washington Post, they backpedaled and cancelled the whole sorry scheme when it was exposed.

Sensible employees of the Washington Post would pull their knickers up after such an embarrassment. Alas one seems determined to dig the grave deeper. I am talking of Ezra Klein who has decided the adopt the mantra of the news is too important to allow market forces to shut the papers down. So the federal government should provide money to the newspapers.

Yes, you heard me right. A minion of the Fourth Estate is now clamoring to be protected by the government they claim to be protecting the people from. The contra-logical pretzel Ezra Klein now embraces is further proof they need to either die or adapt. Its called economic Darwinism after all and there should be no TARP to save them.


Mike's America said...

Dems already "own" the newspapers. So why shouldn't a Dem government actually buy the rags they use to pass along their lies?

Anna said...

I agree, but I really dont want to see the rise of the US version of Pravda. And that is what fools like Kelin are arguing for, to be apparatchiks in service to the government they should be wary of. For people who go to bed with the 1st Amendment, its awfully peculiar as they sell out their sacred beliefs for pieces of silver.