Monday, June 22, 2009

Rewarding Evil Behaviour

alternately - How to Lose the War by Being Stuck on Stupid Feel Good Mush.

The smart answer to the accident in Afghanistan that resulted in innocent dead is more training in an urban environment to raise the coordination and skill level of all involved.

Instead we now have this feel good drivel that is a logical extrapolation of the Obama Administration's 'Be Nice' campaign to woo the Islamic world.
KABUL – The U.S. commander in Afghanistan will soon order U.S. and NATO forces to break away from fights with militants hiding among villagers, an official said Monday, announcing one of the strongest measures yet to protect Afghan civilians.
When this directive is issued, every house or building that might have Afghan civilians will be off-limits to any kind of allied military response. Which makes every such building a mini-sanctuary for the al-Qaeda and Taliban thugs who want to kill everyone who does not believe the same faith as them. As a result, there will be an AK-47 or maybe even PK machine gun poking out windows to take shots at allied forces while upstairs someone peers out another window to detonate an IED. I know there is an imminent danger clause but with all the prosecutions that have already occurred on very flimsy evidence like Haditha, what American commanders will do is withdraw instead of facing a court marital.

I will make this plain and simple, this directive cedes the initiative to the terrorists and puts allied forces on the defense. You will never win an insurgency by always playing defense.


Rose said...

When they know we do not want to shoot hospitals, they set up their arsenals in the hospitals, when they know we are reluctant to deface a mosque they set up headquarters in the mosques, when it serves their PR purposes they set up in a baby formula factory - now, these people with a history of using women and children as shields, have just been given reason to operate out of people's homes, putting more innocent people at risk.

Obama is a fool. Perhaps if he looked at it as an ACORN operation, instead of a military operation, he could actually be effective.

ziggyelman said...

I find myself laughing at stories like this, and there's nothing funny at all about it!
We can only hope that what "they" are doing now is sowing the seeds of the destruction of the Democratic party...

Anna said...

Rose, his mission is to centralise the reigns of control in his hands it seems. All else is distraction.

Ziggy, I am much afeared that what will also be sown is the destruction of the US as a force of good in the world.

Mike's America said...

This is just another in a sad and lenghting log of weakness and stupidity have are coming to typify the Obama Administration approach to difficult problems.

More Americans will die as as result.

Anna said...

Mike, Joe Biden was right. He is being tested and its not even six months. Using the yardstick of past presidents - from JFK to Ford, Reagan to GW Bush - our current President is found sadly wanting.

For a man who has hungered for the office of the Presidency, it seems he has no stomach to do anything hard. "We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard" is a foreign concept to a man who thinks its all about the me to judge by all his press conferences.

The valley that lays before us is dark and treacherous. But if we gird our loins and band together, even a weak President will not prevent us from traversing this dangerous ground successfully. But "We must hang together or surely we will hang seperately."