Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pathology of Betrayal

I do not recall another person in American history so quickly betraying allies. Well lets not mention Benedict Arnold I guess or maybe I should.

First we had the denunciation of Rev Wright when he was unmasked as a hate spewing pastor saying HIV was a white invention to kill the black man. Though our President sat for 20 years in the pews of that church and had his daughters baptised there.

Then to deflect all the uproar over Rev. Wright, he proceeded to use his elderly white grandmother as a human shield before accusing her of being a racist.

He was for adhering to federal matching funds for his campaign, but then opted out and raked in a cool $700 million US from sources that even now remain cloudy. Meanwhile John McCain kept his word and stuck with federal matching funds.

When Pvt Long, fresh from basic training and doing recruiter assist, was gunned down by an Islamic convert in Arkansas; it took days before our president issued a terse condemnation. Unlike the knee-jerk fast denunciation of the killer of Dr. Tiller.

Then we get to Cairo and his speech there. We see the president deny and betray scientific advancements from around the world to give the Muslim world a little bit of feel good. And to make them even happier, he even said the reason for Israel's existence was to assuage Europe's guilt due to the Holocaust/Shoah. Something the recently re-elected President of Iran has also said.

So it should come as no surprise this latest betrayal from the Obama Administration. Though in leftist/progressive circles this maybe a betrayal too far. President Obama' appointee has let get filed a brief in support of Defense of Marriage Act. Something that former Presidents Bush and Clinton have declined to do. This has caused all the progressive homosexuals to try to spin and blame this on one Bush holdover while exposing their own bigotry. But many are not and are upset at the sitting President. As one commenter put, is Obama a homophobic bigot?

The real question becomes, will Obama toss West under the bus to regain favor with the homosexual community? To do that, the DOMA brief must be withdrawn. Oh dear, that would mean Obama is not as wonderfully perfect as the media and Obama's own ego portray him.

The Skittles from the unicorns are sour today for Team Obama - thanks PG for that concept.

Update - How could I forget this betrayal by the Obama Administration. The State Department sending a memo out to all of its ambassadors to invite Iranian diplomats over to help celebrate the Fourth of July. Since 1979 we have been in a state of war with Iran due to their violation of international law by the seizing of the US and British embassies in Tehran. Then taking hostage all the personnel in those compounds. During the Boxer Rebellion, allied powers marched a military force into Peiking to drive home the point to Imperial China some things would not be done like killing foreigners and laying seige to foreign embassies. To invite Iranian diplomats over for a 4th of July picnic is to further insult those who were held for 444 days by Iranian thugs.

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