Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Carter is Better than Obama

Feel free to chime with suggestions, just keep them san reproach okay?

  1. Carter is no longer President.
  2. Carter's transcripts from the US Naval Academy are available.
  3. Jimmy actually served in the Navy.
  4. Carter was governor of Georgia before running for President.
  5. Carter actually brokered a peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country without dismembering Israel.


Ed Rasimus said...

--Carter only cost us one Middle East Ally
--Carter only had one embassy seized
--Carter only caused interest rates to rise to 18% on homes
--Carter only fostered 21% inflation
--Carter only froze military pay/allowances for three of his four years
--Carter only served one term

Hey, this is fun!~

Anna said...

Carter actually ran a business, a peanut farm.

Only Burt Lance in Carter's administration had a cloud of scandel.

Carter actually turned the thermostat down in the Oval Office.

Bill Carter only embarassed his brother by trying to sell Billy Bear.

Yep this is way fun.

Ed Rasimus said...

And Carter only gave away one Panama Canal requiring Reagan to then oust Noriega a couple of years later to allow a reasonable transfer without turning it over to a Hugo Chavez type.

chicagodudewhotrades said...

Carter was president only when I was a little kid, and not 36 like I am now

Dee said...

Wow, its hard to believe since Carter is such a loser.

Anna said...

Dee, if we dig deep enough it is possible to find some good stuff from Carter, though it is an effort.

And everytime someone like Janet from DHS spews about military vets as possible terrorists, it makes Carter and his administration look better.

Hopefully the new administration does not top the Carter one of elevating a swamp rabbit into a threat to the POTUS.