Sunday, May 24, 2009

America the Nefarious

Just this week President Obama tried to hide behind such sacred documents as the US Constitution as cover for a well neigh foolish campaign promise.

He said that the waterboarding of guerrillas, captured while operating on a field of battle in no Geneva recognized military, was against the traditions of the United States and in fact incited even more to join the jihadi cause. Anyone with a lick of sense know Beirut, Khobar, Nairobi, first World Trade Center bombing, and the USS Cole attacks all preceded 9/11 and the waterboarding of three thugs who had vital intelligence. Some scholar of noted intelligence right?

Why should we be shocked that such a man uses shoddy logic to back up his feelings that America is a negative influence upon the whole world. One of his mentors is William Ayers, a avowed communist revolutionary while another in Hawaii was a member of the Communist Party-USA. He has supped deeply it seems in the same ideological pools as those two.

After all the USSR deployed SS-20 nuclear missiles into Eastern Europe before President Reagan and NATO deployed Pershing and GLCMs to restore the balance. But all people in the West heard was how de-stabilizing this move was and how threatened the USSR and its Warsaw Pact allies were as a result.

Or lets go back thirty some odd years. Bill Clinton had skipped off from the UK, where he was attending college, to protest the Vietnam War in the capitol of the USSR - Moscow. Men were fleeing to Canada and burning their draft cards. It was being argued by these peace doves that American actions in South Vietnam were creating far more Viet Cong than were being killed by these American and allied forces. While ignoring such brutal facts as the thousands of civilians murdered by the Viet Cong when they briefly took Hue during the Tet Offensive. Or to ensure a village stayed loyal to the Viet Cong, they would take several of the young men - read kidnap - and turn them into guerrillas while telling the village if they did not support the Viet Cong reprisals would be taken and they did occur - nothing like dragging a village chief's family out in front of him as he struggles against the ropes to see his wife and daughters raped and murdered before himself being killed to ensure a village stayed loyal. But such acts of barbarity were not covered in as much detail or time like when Lt. Cally and some of his men went mad at a place called My Lai.

In the last case, how can we forget the likes of John Kerry accusing those who fought the battle on land of being akin to Genghis Khan while bearing no such witness against the Viet Cong's barbarity. Or former Navy ferry pilot Tom Harkin showing the world the reputed tiger cages of South Vietnam while staying mute on the atrocities committed by the Viet Cong and their masters in Hanoi. The silence on both parts invalidates their charges against the US and its ally South Vietnam. And both of these men are Democratic Senators.

If a person or a group of people are willing to ignore facts to achieve political points or power, they need to be run out of office as quickly as possible. To serve partisan ends is to betray a more sacred trust, to be good and faithful stewards of the public's interest.

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