Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thnx Sec. Janet

In conformace with the recent DHS Memo of 6 April, 2009 on Domestic Terrorism I hereby post the above certificate. You have been warned, I am snarky.


Rose said...

LOL! "Have you ever worried....?" "Have you ever looked at a Gadsen Flag...?"

Guilty! ON all counts! Too funny! Good find.

Anna said...

LOL Now can we get Janet fired? She proves the Peter Principle.

Rose said...

Damn straight! She is not on the side of the regular people.

It seems William Ayres can plot to kill people and bomb police stations and yet he must be understood, and is a friend of the President/Liar in chief, but we, who pay our bills and raise our kids and wish our representatives would stop playing party politics and actually read the bills they vote on and sign into law - WE get put on watchlists and called "terrorists."

And the real terrorists are "man caused something or others."

The world is upside down.

MAS1916 said...

HHS will be so busy chasing after conservative bloggers that one of Bin Laden's boys will be able to set off something big.

Is this incompetence or what?

LEGION said...

HEY, I can't get to the chat room- It's The Coffee Shop, right? It's now all the way on the bottom. I hit table 9 and it gives me a bunch of ads. HELP! Anna - Rose - someone- can you put the link back up here please?
Thankkkkkk- youuuuuu!

Anna said...

Roses, yep they seem to get pass and tenure.

MAS, potentially lethal incompetence.

Legios, try via Holger Awakesn then. It has a direct link.

Rose said...

LEGION - you can get in here
or at
http://kirls.blogspot.com/Not sure why you are getting ads, keep trying.

Legion said...

Don't forget- delete LGF from your links list.

Anna said...

Legios, its going to stay where its at. Like certain controversial books the only way to oppose them is to expose how repugnant they are in the light of day.