Saturday, March 28, 2009

Olmert's Naive Gamble Fails

No one should be the least bit surprised at this latest development out of Isreal and the area controlled by the terror orgnisation Hamas.

Olmert's ploy to negotiate with Hamas without actually talking to Hamas has not born any tangible fruit. In point of fact, this desperate attempt by Olmert to salvage something has put Hamas in the driver's seat with these negotiations.

When one of the senior thugs of Hamas says the release of Shalit "will be finalized sooner or later." It is pretty obvious who is really in charge. And to drive the point home that it is Hamas holding all the cards, another Hamas thug, Ra'ed al-Attar, says they will kidnap more Israeli sodliers to force Israel to release over 1,400 terrorists the Israelis hold in prison.

Shalit has been a captive of Hamas since 2006. The big question remains, is Shalit really alive? All we have is the word of Hamas that he is. As far as I know, no one ouside of Hamas has seen Shalit since they day he was kidnapped. Israel, re Olmert's government, may find out it has released over 1.400 hard core killers just for the body of Shalit.

Terror does have to come from a bomb or a bullet, ask Gilad Shalit's family. Hamas should not be negotiated with and granted the slightest shred of legitimacy. Hamas needs to be broken and shattered instead.


Rose said...

Yes, it most certainly does.

Anna said...

Wish there was some way for angels to wish Shalit away from his captors like Paul being lead from his cell.